May 20, 2012

Necklace Lovers Anonymous

Whether you dream in classic Chanel, can't live without a biker jacket, crave neon or are weak for closed-collar shirts, you most probably have an affair with a necklace. The first to make the plunge into an infinity of trends, necklaces can be as daring or as timeless as you want them to be. They even have the power to make or break an outfit, create delightful contradictions or transform a plain white t-shirt into fashion heaven.

Fashion might be nothing without tops and bottoms but would you ever give up the rush that sneaking in a new necklace into your outfit gives you?

From left to right, top to bottom:  Golden Ring Necklace by Elvira Sazesh (Boticca); Neon Pink, Yellow and Green Friendship Collar Necklace by Lust Boutique; The Clemence Woven Necklace by Jennifer Loiselle (Boticca); Mweri Ibati Statement Necklace by Made; Kaleidoscope Necklace by Lamprini (Boticca); Spider Jewel & Spike Necklace by Asos Premium; Dotz Bib Necklace by Kate Spade.

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