Make spring start right now: colorful coats to the rescue.

Feb 23, 2014
We have talked about the pink coat trend, a way to freshen up our winter wardrobe. But at this point of the winter season, we know we need something much stronger to see us through the never ending chill factor. It represents a wink to spring, of sheer boldness and renewed spirit: enter the colorful coat. Go as brave as you want, as most likely this time next year, it will be the punchy friend you resort to combat the winter blues. In citrus, rainbow hued, or just plain bright, this coat will guide you and prepare you for the not-so-far-away happier weather.

Wide Yellow Coat by H&M; Lime Green Coat by Zara; Daytona Cotton Cocoon Coat by L.K.Bennett; Cerise Coat by Modekungen; Cornflower Redgrave City Coat by Goat.
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