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I heard you nice and clear: You love Zara and I created a page for that! + the new vlogging

Monday, July 30
Good news for all Zara fans out there! I heard you and I created a Zara-dedicated page on the blog. I am now featuring Zara-related fashion picks there as well as creating fresh Zara specific blogs posts and videos! Actually, I kicked-off this vlogging phase to celebrate that Zara FINALLY gave us a much awaited sneak peek of their Fall Winter 2018 Collection. You can watch our first video on the Key Trends and Looks of the new collection that will be released in a few weeks a few lines below or on our on our Zara page.

Since this is basically the first video of the New Found Lust YouTube channel we only have 1 subscriber (my dear mom) so please join her in subscribing to the channel to never miss any of our brand-new posts which are a great to see fashion in a different and New-Found-Lusty way.

Thanks mom!

So to kick start our open love for all things Zara, I leave you our first vlog:

If you enjoyed it please like it and subscribe to the channel🙏🙏

Back to what I was telling you about this mini Zara shrine of ours.

The idea behind the new Zara special mini-site is to keep you up to date about the best pieces from Zara's thousands and thousands of products. We're talking about going from the classic, capsule wardrobe worthy ones to the trendiest we drool about each season...and anything in between. We want to keep you up to date about the best Sale items - getting the actual good pieces and not just getting something because it's cheap although you'll never actually wear it. To keep up with all these movers and shakers, I also created a Zara Pinterest board.

We all know we need to be bold and quick to get the best Zara pieces out there before they're sold out. We know Zara listens to its customers and when they notice an item is selling like pancakes they usually produce more of it either in different colors and patterns or with a twist. Well, there's a lot to keep up with and I really want to help you get those MUST-HAVE pieces before your BFF does.

This dress is one of the current trendy ones... and I foresee it will become a top seller. Do you agree?

For those of you who don't like Zara at all, this is great news for you too as you can just avoid going to the Zara site altogether. 😂

If you have any more ideas or requests on what should be featured on our freshly squeezed Zara page, do tell me please! You can leave a comment below or send me a nice and private Telegram message to my username louderthananytrend (New Found Lust's motto in case you hadn't noticed is "Your own voice is louder than any trend" :))

Thank you and have a great week!

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