Apr 9, 2008

Beyond Stitches

Volume, texture, detail and visual interest make a piece stand out from the others. The way to achieve this does not only rely on threads and the tension given to them. Folds, crumples and layers can define new silhouettes and forms, such as that which is created by the japanese art of origami.

Tipically seen on dresses and other formal garments, origami-inspired treatments are artistic yet wearable new ways of expression. These can be conveyed as decorative details such as Hoss Intropia's dress or be part of the structure and overall fit such as Rachel Roy's and Marc Jacob's examples. To capture the spotlight while avoiding being overwhelming, these pieces are usually monochromatic or use a few coordinating colors, which emphasizes the fact that more than stitches meet the eye.

Beyond Stitches

A.-Wool Shawl Dress by Hanii Y; B.-Origami Bracelets by Lulu's; C.-Origami Cotton Top by Miu Miu; D.-Camille Strapless Dress by Rachel Roy; E.-Origami Peace Crane Necklace by The Hunger Site; F.-One-shoulder Velvet Mini Dress by Marc Jacobs; G.-Neptune Dress by RM; H.-Chiffon Top by Rebecca Taylor; I.-Origami Sweat Skirt by Topshop; J.-Origami Shoulder Tote by David & Scotti; K.-Origami Pleated Clutch by Prada; L.-Origami Bijou Wishing Star Necklace by Shop Intuition; M.-Wool Silk Dress by Y & Kei; N.-Drop Waist Dress by Marc Jacobs; O.-Origami Dress Shoes by Sergio Rossi; P.-Origami Detail Dress by Hoss Intropia.
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