Kimono: The piece that becomes the unexpected wildcard

Sunday, February 18

We re-interpreted Italian fashion blogger Veronica Giomini's outfit making sure the pink kimono
we chose, stood out. We paired it with a classic long white dress, matching pink - yet not too loud- heels and added two one-of-a-kind accessories that bring everything together: a postcard white clutch from Karl and a modernist necklace that adds a pop of yellow.

The Bright Pink Kimono

The Long White Dress or Skirt

The Matching Shoes

So, what can a kimono do for your wardrobe? With intricate and classic embroidery over a loose cut that can be the cherry on top of your favorite jeans and t-shirt, worn belted, as a dress, to the beach, as a cover-up for a gown: the possibilities are endless. This is a clear example of a piece being special enough (yet absolutely wearable) for your existing wardrobe that will be the unexpected wildcard of your outfit.


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