Oct 24, 2008

The Textured Coat - Scrumptious & Warm

The Textured Coat
Get warm and cozy in an elegant textured coat. This example by Mango is a definite must-have for the winter months thanks to its classic and versatile style. Naturally tactile and delicious, it will be difficult to take off even when the first rays of sunlight arrive. Wear it with any outfit you already have - this coat will upgrade and modernize your look immediately.

Oct 18, 2008

The Clutch Worth Writing About

Accessories are key when seeking to transform an ordinary outfit into something special. Paul Smith's Airmail Print Zip Purse achieves just that and is a strong piece that will never become irrelevant for your wardrobe thanks to its timeless design. Create a statement by wearing it with a monochromatic outfit or add to the vintage feel by wearing pieces that are preppier than usual.

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Oct 10, 2008

Perfectly Striped

Perfectly Striped
From time to time a designer comes with a brilliant twist of an otherwise common piece we already know. An innovation so simple yet so insightful that converts the previously "boring" garment into a must-have. This is the case of Viviene Westwood Anglomania's Nymphs Striped Top which embodies what fashion design should be all about. The result is a masterfully designed top that is meant to flatter and never go out of style. Contrast the loose fit with skinny pants or leggings to complete the look and start your day easily in style.

Oct 2, 2008

The No-Boyfriend-Needed Boyfriend Jeans

The best thing since skinny jeans is a relaxed, stylish and mysteriously sensual pair of boyfriend-inspired jeans. Wear these jeans by H&M for comfort or daily action and feel fine throughout. Pairing them with structured tops and jackets brings balance and style. High-heeled boots complete the look and turn the feminine volume up without lowering the comfort level in any way. Living and breathing in them is a natural choice.

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