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Texture, richness and boldness: Translating Mulberry's runway look

Wednesday, February 13
The key of being inspired by fashion runways is knowing how to translate what we see and feel from them. We might want to get the exact pieces just as they are presented and dream about someday getting that gorgeous dress we fell in love with. However, runways are full of movement, color and styling which can give our wardrobe new inspiration that is even better than having the exact same outfit at hand. Learning to translate a runway look's vibe is essential and especially, understand what we loved about it. This will make the end result be true to one's style.

Belted cape by Weekday; Maya Velvet Sweater Jacket by Weekday; Printed Silk Blouse by Luisa Spagnoli; Essential Skinny Jeans by Jane Norman;  Horrigan Boots by H by Hudson; Ombre Aztec Snood by Topshop; Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Black "Croc" by The Cambridge Satchel Company.

In this example, we chose a look from Mulberry's Fall-Winter 2013 collection that we truly loved. The rich blues, the careless yet chic attitude, the mix of textures and unexpected touches...the list goes on. The easiest would be to pick up a Navajo printed poncho or cape, add a navy blue sequin skirt, a belted oversized sweater, etc...a bit too predictable. What is most interesting is to learn to read the look's key features and make it our own. For us, what stood out beyond the particular pieces were the rich textures and color palette, the freedom of the printed poncho, the unexpected preppy shoe and sweater choice, the clashy-yet-perfect prints and materials and the overall carefree but stylish mood of the look. It can even be toned up or down, and in this case, we chose to make it an everyday staple.



  1. I like the entire collection especially the handbag and the shoes..:)

  2. I love those rich oppulent colours and textures and also the suggestions you gave in as to how you can make this look your own was excellant Thank very much

  3. I like the entire collection especially the handbag and the shoes..:)

  4. lovely collection. How can i buy these products? Can you show me a website or shop place.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Bilal, you can shop the links located just below the outfit. Thanks!


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