Pre-Fall Collections: The smooth transition from warm to cold

Thursday, July 10
You might have noticed that alongside the summer sales there is a "New Collection" section at the stores. It varies from brand to brand but these pieces tend to belong to the Pre-Fall Collection. Presented as early as the start of the current year at runway shows, they might be related to the coming fall trends, but are made of lighter fabrics that make them a perfect transeasonal choice. Colorwise, they are relevant for both seasons so you can be sure that they will match either seasonal pieces.

Pre-fall fashion pieces can even stay throughout the fall season in cities or countries where weather is not as stark and predictable. Even if part of a designer's collection include very warm pieces and materials, it will not necessarily reach every selling point. Product management enters at this point to determine which pieces do well according to the context and selling performance of each location in the world and even each local store.

Pre-Fall Collections
Pre-fall 2008 Missoni runway outfit.
Photo courtesy of Missoni.

The new season between seasons concept might be part of the industry's selling strategy, but is surely convenient and practical for the buyers. It can guarantee more use of purchased garments since it can be adapted to a variety of weather conditions. Moreover, considering the current climate changes and general unpredictability of them around the world, these seasons in between seasons are easy for all of us to take in.
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