The Black and White Block Dress Trend: Identities and Winner Revealed

Friday, July 11
It's a tie!

After days of votes from our readers, the results are in and it's a tie. Our first exhibit is the Monochrome Jersey Dress by H&M, made of a fabric meant for the day-to-day and with a simple, easy-to-wear design. The second exhibit is the Daily Slip Dress by Day Birger et Mikkelsen with a more dressier style.

Regardless of how casual or formal they are, the most important difference is where their color block division is located. In the first example, the black block begins just below the chest while the second one starts at the waist. The end result can be very different since this line is where the focus will be put on. Therefore, it's recommended that this color division is located where your narrowest part of the body is.

New Found Lust's verdict:

H&M Monochrome Jersey Dress
(Exhibit A.) - Best for casual outings, recommended when the ribcage is narrower than the waist.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen Daily Slip Dress (Exhibit B.) - Made for dressier occasions, it's most recommended when the waist is narrower than the ribcage.

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