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Guess Who: The 'it' shoe

Saturday, August 2
Guess Who: The fall 'it' shoe
The must-have high-heel of the season, this is as edgy and sophiticatedly punk-rocker as it gets. Contrast it with feminine outfits for a cross-trendy look or add your favorite leather jacket for a total queen of the night style.

Know the label of these famous shoes? You are right, they are the Rodita Zip Platforms by the ultimate shoe designer, Christian Louboutin.


  1. i'm guessing Christian Louboutin by the red bottom on the shoe.

    those are hawt, btw.

  2. Christian Louboutin
    Rodita zip platforms

  3. It,s got to be the divine "Christian Louboutin". Absolutely gorgeous, would look beautiful on my feet!

    Love this blog!

    madboodesigns x

  4. I love them. If only I weren't already 5'10". and..oh yeah....if only I were rich.

  5. Hi, just dropped in on you, hope to see you do the same on me. Great Blog you have here, my wife would love to own a pair like these. Unfortunately will be slightly out of our price range....hehehehe.
    Kind regards

  6. Wow!! i love this sandals, ooooohhh awesome heel, very nice blog, nice style of sandals...hmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  7. What a nice and cool style of sandal! I am guessing it is oneill sandal.


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