Dear New Found Lust: Where can I find the Trim Blazer online?

Monday, August 25
Mitchmaze, a lovely New Found Lust reader, would like to know where to find the must-have trim blazer online, featured June 26th:

Well, luckily, the trim blazer has been done by various brands and designers...

The particular blazer that was featured on New Found Lust is by Primark, a brand from the UK currently with stores in the UK, Ireland and Spain. However, you can find alternatives online such as this one by Helene Berman; this one by L.A.M.B.; or this one by Semantics. The trim blazer was also used in Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren spring collections and are currently harder to find but you might be lucky and find those on Ebay.

Thanks to Soapdeli who has shared with us her find from American Eagle!

Now get yours while they last! You can be sure that it will be perfect for so many occasions and will be look great during the fall too.

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