2009 Trend: The All-in-Ones

Tuesday, February 3

Although probably not picked out at first by most, play or jumpsuits are all this year's rage. Inspired in a predominantly 80s trend, they are now becoming relevant for the 21st century.

Both Chloé's Double-breasted Playsuit (left) and French Connection's Cotton Jumpsuit (right) are worthwhile examples of how this trend has been adapted to our current mindset. Unquestionably comfortable and fashion-forward, these two pieces are easier to welcome to our wardrobes than it seems. The gathered waists are fortunately different from the original cuts and provide a feminine detail that deters the 80s worker's look.

Prefer a no-fuss and more elegant version of the all-in-one trend? Go for Chloé's version and add a long cardigan or blazer and a waist belt for simple instant style. While French Connection's details add interest, beware of the bulk-adding pleats and ruching and style it accordingly by choosing slim-fitting jackets and no-frill accessories.

Don't forget to showcase your favorite heels with it to keep the proportions in place...the tapered and slightly cropped legs were designed for them.
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