Erdem x H&M : 9 Tips to maximize your chances of getting the pieces you want

Thursday, February 2
I'll go straight to the tips as I know we don't have much time before the online sale starts (8am EDT online). I'm writing from Spain and therefore these tips are based on what I saw happened on the European H&M sites and live tweets around 7 hours before the sale in the US.

  1. 💪 The website was much harder to reach than the app. If you can, have both platforms ready and try to buy on the app first, as very soon the H&M site was not reachable for many. From a browser, the Erdem product page is where the sale will happen, you can buy directly from it:

  2. 💪 Create an H&M account (including shipping address, credit card, etc.) if you don't have one before the sale starts and be logged in already when you visit the site or app.

  3. 💪 Browse now and know what you want and where it is located in the page. Avoid scrolling down during the sale and browsing to find it!
    Avoid relying only on the sections like "Trousers", etc. because many tops are scattered in between other items.

  4. 💪 If there is no price on the picture, it means it's sold out, try not to lose time clicking on pieces that no longer have prices.

  5. 💪 You can add the items to your shopping bag from the same Erdem page and it's better to do so, otherwise you have to click on "Product details" and go to another page and lose time and probably the item. If you know you want an item, add it to your shopping bag from the Erdem page, not the regular H&M product section.

  6. 💪 You will not be able to apply any discounts to the Erdem collection, just the shipping discount on sales over $40: code is 0040

  7. 💪 Items that sold out first: both floral and gray blazers, all the dresses and all the jacquard collection (except the shoes which sold out afterwards), the embroidered sweatshirt and some of the lacy tops. Eventually everything sold out as less was available.

  8. 💪 You can only purchase one item of each so don't lose time trying to add a second.

  9. 💪 When you're ready, pay as soon as possible as most probably leaving it in your shopping bag is very risky and you cannot count on having the item until you've paid. Remember: Free shipping code for over $40 is 0040 and you cannot apply any other discounts so don't lose time trying to do it.

  10. 💪 Have fun and don't get bummed out if you don't get a piece you wanted as the good news is you'll end up with more money in your bank account. Try not to buy something you didn't want only because it's the only thing left or to compensate for a piece you really wanted. It is much better to get something else you love from another brand or designer than waste it on this collection just for the sake of it or to tweet about it. Nothing will happen to you if you don't own an Erdem x H&M piece, I promise 😘
If after the sale you need to vent or just say hi and show me what you bought or didn't, send me a Telegram: or join our New Found Lust Telegram channel:

Please leave a comment to know you found this useful and share it only with your real friends! 😜


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