New Year's Day Punch of Color

Sunday, January 1
Happy 2012! Another year has started, this means new goals in life and of course a new outlook that hopefully will make us happier than last year. Add a punch of color to the start of your new year with unexpected yet harmonious color combinations: navy and raspberry red, a touch of neutrals and of course, the ever-neutral denim. Add interest with great accessories such as a zipper necklace, a touch of leopard or a vintage-button recycled pouch. It is after all, time to be true to who you are and have fun being you.

New Year's Day punch of color
Joe's Jeans skinny jeans, Levi's Western denim shirt, Old Navy dark denim blazer, Mischa Barton handbag, Topshop oxfords, Tamarindo zipper necklace, Sardinella Sardine denim eco-pouch.

Here at New Found Lust we wish you a wonderful 2012, cheers!

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