Fashion trends to try: Everything Red - Part I

Sunday, March 4
Spring is already upon us!
Well, the good news is this year is full of fun and interesting trends to experiment with. Some of them started already last year but others have either finished establishing themselves the past few weeks or have become simply undeniable.

Today I'm going through a fashion trend that is very hard to ignore and can be seen all over Pinterest, Instagram and street style everywhere. The most important thing about this trend is that it can be translated to real life (otherwise, why even bother!). Yes, the trend is simply red!

The red trend started with the now iconic and essential red sweater - the chunky and cozy one. Then it went to red boots, which I almost bought impulsively online last fall during a Zara sale (I admit I still love them, see how gorgeous they are on outfit #2 below).
Finally the red trend exploded and now it means red...everything: red pants, red blazers, red bags, red jumpsuits, etc. It consists of mostly bright red but is now also seen in cherry and wine hues which look gorgeous in silky fabrics, velvet and other textures.

Well, what to do with all this red? You have several options to embrace it, but the one that is making a greater statement and is after all, the easiest to achieve, is gathering all your red items and putting them together in one entirely unique outfit that only you can create.

Mango's doing it exactly right:

Well we couldn't resist the temptation of making some outfits in only red:


The absolute star of this outfit is the luscious and perfect velvet blazer that we need right now. Its texture paired with the satin dress is perfect for giving even more depth to the all-red ensemble. Break it a little with more orange and purplish hues in the earrings and coordinate the bright red of the dress with the suede cylinder bag (which is a wonderful way of breaking the look by giving it a casual hint) and a pair of gorgeous and pristine satin boots in the same blood red hue.


Wide pants.

For this more day-to-day outfit which is perfect for work or just going out with friends (or basically, whatever you want to do in it), we chose classic shapes that kept it minimal beyond the red. The classic cut yet oversized white buttons of the coat plus the candy cane reminiscent striped shirt makes this a no-brainer when paired with a fabulous pair of wide pants. Our favorite Zara boots (yes, these are the ones I never bought and now are sold out in my size!) plus the basic and classic clutch close the deal.

Are you ready to get strawberried and happy all over? There's clearly no better way to face the day than in an absolute punch of red.

It's hard to stop creating red outfits for New Found Lust when you love fashion and red so much. I got a bit carried away and created many more I couldn't show you today, so if you're curious to see what's coming up next in Part II, why not subscribe? I hate spam too and therefore never engage in creating it :-) See you soon!

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