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The Textured Coat - Scrumptious & Warm

Saturday, October 25
The Textured Coat
Get warm and cozy in an elegant textured coat. This example by Mango is a definite must-have for the winter months thanks to its classic and versatile style. Naturally tactile and delicious, it will be difficult to take off even when the first rays of sunlight arrive. Wear it with any outfit you already have - this coat will upgrade and modernize your look immediately.


  1. yeah i can see how it can pump anyone slook. i honestly just bought a coat and its very casual now i need to but stuff to go with it. i can easily find a coat and jacket to wear when i shop but im so bad at buying everything else lol

  2. Thanks for your comment kim*. When in doubt, I suggest starting by wearing statement coats like this one with basics you feel comfortable in - your favorite jeans, boots, tops, etc. When you get the hang of the style you want to create, you can later incorporate special accessories and garments that complement the coat or jacket and make the outfit more unique. It's all about trying different options and choosing the one you feel best in.
    Thanks for reading :)


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