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Nude: The New White

Saturday, June 27
Black and white have proven to be permanent fashion statements. However, as seasons go by, new hues surge as true alternatives to what we already love and know. Cream, pale rose, light peach, beige, ecru, off-white and their derivatives have become more than neutrals, nudes have become the new white. When paired with black, the result is so chic and natural that white is left out of the picture.

Be it for easygoing or elegant outfits, the new white is so simple to carry off that it will become your new fashion ally. White will not stop being a classic, but a less stark, fresher and equally effective alternative is here to stay.

A.- Silk Box Jacket by Fendi; B.- Give Me Number 9 Purse by Effie's Heart; C.- Unicorn Princess Heels by Jeffrey Campbell; D.- Silk Sequin Vest by Derek Lam; E.- Weapons T-Shirt by Lucha Workshop; F.- Cobra Silk Dress by Temperley London; G.- Lace Shell Cardigan by 3.1 Phillip Lim; H.- Tiered Ruffle Dress by H&M; I.- Knitted Stripe Top by Topshop; J.- Kurtis Flat Brogue by Topshop; K.- Pink Italian Leather Blazer by Forzieri; L.- Fitted Corset Dress by Alexander Wang; M.- Out of my Mind Scrimshaw Bracelet by Jessica Kagan Cushman; N.- Heloise Tote Bag by Chloé; O.- Bleach Skinny Jean by Topshop; P.- Side button Tunic by Yuki, Topshop; Q.- Black Pearl Earrings by Fun.

Get these fashion pieces and more at New Found Lust's Lust Boutique.


  1. I just love the selections that you choose:)

  2. i love your blog!!just found out about it

  3. Bravo! It’s a superb information that you just provided, I wonder why I visited you late. Thanks I have bookmarked your blog

  4. do they sell anythin or is this just a fashion blog coz i luv all the clothes xx :))

    1. Most of the pieces we feature have a link to them where you can get them online!


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