Is fashion really this fragile?

Thursday, October 19

Is fashion as fragile as the heel of this boot? Was this meant to be an honest homage to the great Yves Saint Laurent or a depiction of how fashion can be easily stepped on and broken?

Part of what attracts me so much to fashion is the chameleon syndrome it embodies: we are meant to change as much as we like, be as contradictory or traditional as we are and still be "recognized" by our fellow tribe members.

But if fashion is this vulnerable and intentionally made to have an expiration date are we making ourselves brittle too? How can we transcend the temporality and use it to express our own permanent voice? A voice that will not be shut down in a season or two, but that will only get stronger and more focused as we learn, live and grow. It's up to us to define the voice that will bear the frail layers of what is on and around us. After all, it needs to be bold in order to compensate for the uncertainty in both fashion and the world.

Ultimately, this is New Found Lust's main mission: to motivate your own voice to be established, expressed and heard by yourself and others no matter the season or what's trending in your life. We hope one day we make this true for at least one of our readers. 🙏 Thanks for being here.

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