You and Your Boyfriend Blazer


It seems that the "I-just-borrowed-it-from-my-boyfriend-and-went-out-the-door" mood is everywhere. Boyfriend jeans, shirts and even shoes are now a constant in the shops, but are they as easy to adapt to the rest of your wardrobe as they seem?

Even when the trend has been named after men, the true size and fit on you should never be overlooked. The sure choice of the pack? A long and straight-fitting black blazer made out of supple fabric such as this one by McQ will make your outfit effortlessly elegant and on-trend.

Best of all, a classic black boyfriend blazer will take you seamlessly from summer to fall and forward without succumbing with the trend when the word "boyfriend" is no longer attached to it.

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  1. I've got a corduroy blazer that I love so much..!


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