Feb 23, 2014

Make spring start right now: colorful coats to the rescue.

We have talked about the pink coat trend, a way to freshen up our winter wardrobe. But at this point of the winter season, we know we need something much stronger to see us through the never ending chill factor. It represents a wink to spring, of sheer boldness and renewed spirit: enter the colorful coat. Go as brave as you want, as most likely this time next year, it will be the punchy friend you resort to combat the winter blues. In citrus, rainbow hued, or just plain bright, this coat will guide you and prepare you for the not-so-far-away happier weather.

Wide Yellow Coat by H&M; Lime Green Coat by Zara; Daytona Cotton Cocoon Coat by L.K.Bennett; Cerise Coat by Modekungen; Cornflower Redgrave City Coat by Goat.

Jan 27, 2014

Jan 23, 2014

The Day Runway Models Were Comfortable

Dear Lusters,

We are excited to inform you that:
  1. It turns out sneakers are the ultimate in chic.
  2. At last, runway models could experience what walking comfortably at work feels.

Enter the couture sneaker or trainer.
For starters, this was the only footwear seen in Chanel's Haute Couture Spring 2014 Show. Contrary to what one would think at first, it wasn't an invasive choice for the collection- they were made to enhance the spirit and style of each and every outfit. Although this show was obviously meant to be a sport-inspired Haute Couture collection, the sneakers were not predictable in any sense. This makes their pairing with each different look even more interesting. Each pair was bespoken by the acclaimed house of Massaro.
Karl Lagerfeld is clearly on the edge and even though some sneakers were also spotted on the Christian Dior Haute Couture show, the fact that it was used throughout Chanel's show is definitely groundbreaking.

Meanwhile at the Elie Saab couture show, this model was experiencing just the opposite of comfort.

Plus, the idea of a no-show crop top / stylized midriff is just fab (we'll get to that foreseeable trend later).

 Check out the rest of the show on Vogue.co.uk.


Jan 11, 2014

This is How the Pantone Color of the Year 2014 Feels Like - Radiant Orchid

It's time to dream up how your year is going to be. Pantone has studied which color best represents the trends and moods of 2014. Radiant Orchid is a color that is full of life and personality and definitely one to be taken seriously. If we had to summarize it in a few words, we'd say Radiant Orchid feels: vibrant, memorable and bold.

Now, to accomplish these same feelings with fashion we need to take risks and feel good about what we stand for. So whether you choose this hue as a starting point or you devise your own color palette, take a minute to define how you want to feel and go ahead and dress like you mean it.

Jan 9, 2014

New Found Blurb: The wearing hair underneath clothes "trend"

Is it a way of braving the cold weather or just a way of people saying they've run out of style ideas?
Featured in Glamour France magazine, it seems wearing hair underneath your coat, or sweater, or both is very fashionable. Even Martin Margiela created a special insert on the back for it! Yes, seriously.

What do you think? Does it even deserve to be called a trend? Unless we put our coat on too fast and ran out the door looking like this, we're not going for it - and especially not on purpose.

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