How volume can be flattering

Friday, May 23
Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Volume that is Flattering

Volume in the right places...

The volume trend in clothing? It's fabulous, until you actually seem pregnant when you aren't. The problem itself is not wearing something with volume but its location and whether it suits your particular body or not. The Cashmere Kaftan by Autumn Cashmere is an example of how volume can look good when used in the right places. The fake pregnancy look is primarily avoided by cinching in at the waist and having an elongating V-neck. Volume is used to your advantage by freeing the arms and creating movement as you walk while the length of the kaftan makes you look longer instead of wider like it happens with short pieces with volume.

Choose right and the volume trend will not only look good on the hanger!

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