Dear New Found Lust: How can I challenge the rain in my summer outfits?

Monday, May 26
Dear New Found Lust,

I love summer and being able to dress light throughout the season but what about when there's a chance of raining? It's still hot when it rains so how can I stay fresh without getting wet and ruining my summer look? I especially like wearing dresses and skirts but it's so difficult to stand the rain in them.


Rain, oh rain...the bad part of weather becoming warmer and us being happy in the sun. In most parts, the rainy season happens during summer so what to do when our daily outfits rely on skirts and lightweight materials without ruining our summer spirit with depressing outerwear?

Luckily, there are a few ways to avoid killing your outfit with non-suitable rainy equipment or dying of heat while wearing it:

*Choose a skirt or dress that has many layers and is preferably long: The skirt will keep you cool but when it rains and the temperature goes down, the layers will maintain your body warmer than if it's just made of a skimpy piece of fabric.

*Opt for a medium-weight denim skirt or dress that hits you below the knee or longer. Denim is warmer than most summer fabrics and will help you stay drier.

*Don't be afraid of incorporating appropriate autumn jackets: keep them lightweight but water-resistant and long enough to protect you from the rain but not cover the whole outfit underneath. You can choose bright colors to suit the summer spirit.

Rainy summer solutions

Outfit A:
1. Cropped Linen Jacket, See by Chloé; 2. Reef Top by French Connection; 3. Jelly Mouse Shoes by Marc Jacobs; 4. Multi-layered flared skirt by Celine. Outfit B: 1. Lume Ruffle Dress by Matthew Williamson; 2. Shirebrook Trench Jacket by Burberry; 3. New Single Pumps by Christian Louboutin.

*Avoid wearing open shoes: the most important thing is to keep your feet dry. Jelly shoes are the perfect alternative for rainy weather (see #3 of first example) and pumps will still look good with your skirts without getting your toes wet.

*Keep a compact umbrella in your purse, this will save you from being stranded in look for shelter because of the rain.

It's all about incorporating certain pieces borrowed from other seasons that compliment the lighter garments in a practical way. This will help you survive the heat, the rain and keep a smile on your face while you're at it!

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