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The Contemporary Silk Blouse - the Tank

Saturday, September 6
The Contemporary Silk Blouse - the Tank

Every once in a while, a piece arrives so ahead of the rest and yet simple and wearable that it becomes an instant must-have. Topshop's Boutique Silk Tank is one of those mouth-opening garments that can be translated into a variety of outfits and moments in a seamless way. Composed of various pieces of shiny and opaque fabric in a sand palette, this is a silk tank brought into the 21st century. Dress it up with a black pencil skirt or make it going-out material with a pair of skinny pants.

For more pieces in a neutral, warm shade, click here.


  1. This is going to be one of my favorite blogs..I love fashion, and so do both of my daughters 25 (she has a fashion design degree) and 15 (she has awesome style)!

  2. Wow...this blouse is gorgeous..great find.


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