Why You Should Dress Up when Feeling Down

Monday, March 30
The natural reaction when waking up feeling blue? Putting on the most comfy clothes possible. Wanting to be at ease when feeling down is of course desirable, but frumpy should not be confused with cozy since it can backfire at you. We often dress like we feel and attention must be paid since what we end up wearing could in fact deepen our negative outlook. This ultimately means that a sloppy selection can end up making us feel sloppy when we least need it and so the vicious cycle continues.

The solution? Go closet shopping and select pieces that yes, are comfortable and easy to wear but will serve as an instant pick-me-up. The actual process can be fun and distracting but don't stress if you're not in the mood of creating a new outfit from scratch, you can always resort to something that has made you look or feel great in the past.

The outfit you choose will be interacting with you throughout the day and can therefore transform your mood. If it doesn't feel right, you will be uncomfortable or self-conscious all day. If it's lively and uplifting, chances are you will end up believing it and feeling likewise.

Clothes are great tools for faking attitudes and you can always fake a positive one to trick yourself.

"Uninspiring" Outfit:
Aerie Embroidered Hoodie by American Eagle; Lacy Camisole by Abercrombie and Fitch; Linen Shorts by Kitica; Batik Print Flip Flops by Wet Seal; EROL Mini Canvas Tote by Hayden-Harnett.
"Easygoing" Outfit: Cropped Cotton Jacket by Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti; Double Layer Blouse by Vanessa Bruno; Temira Cotton Skirt by Theory; Patent Jewel T-Strap Sandal by Go Jane; Boho Canvas Tote by Forever 21.
"The Extra Mile" Outfit: Kaolin Cotton Blend Jacket by Maje; Jersey Linen Tank Dress by Alice + Olvia; Leighton Large Tote by Rafe New York; Idonia Sandal by Kate Spade.
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