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Monday, June 7
As ethereal as fashion might sometimes seem, we must never forget that its backbone is centered in consumerism and disposable trends. This is, after all, what makes it addictive, new and challenging at the same time. As passionate consumers of fashion, we need to understand the huge impact that it has on the environment, where and in which conditions it is produced, and how it will affect our own society in the future. We might not know the details of each garment's production but it's important that we realize that our actions can worsen or improve the current world situation.

Unfortunately, the existing "being green" trend is also being abused of by the market, making real sustainability hard to identify. This makes it even more complicated to make conscious shopping decisions but we can start by:
  • supporting brands and products that sustain fair trade;
  • avoiding sweat shop brands;
  • choosing materials which can be recycled/reused easily or are composed by re-purposed waste;
  • purchasing directly from artisans;
  • choosing organic or 100% natural materials where possible;
  • distinguishing between the "eco-chic" trend and the real and long-term deal
  • ...and above all: when craving fashion, shop your own closet first!

What is your own take on eco-fashion?

Start right by choosing these stylish and sustainable products:

a. Recycled Fabric Necklace by Minna; b. Serpentin Bag by Pinellapi; c. Comete Tunic by Komodo; d. Eve Vegan Fair Trade Ankle Boots by Bourgeois Boheme; e. Bullet Screw Lock Bracelet by Alkemie; f. Butterfly Shirt Dress by Sika; g. Necklace Scarf by The North Circular; h. Parachute Hoody by Christopher Raeburn; i. Topaz Shoes by Element; j. The Sun Handbag by Ecoist; k. Maxine Studded Wedge by Where; l. Skinny Jeans by Monkee Genes.


  1. I LOVE your blog, I find it truly inspiring... I just posted something on my blog yesterday that left me thinking (and feeling a bit alone taking baby steps in the world of children´s fashion to tell u the truth... well at least in Mexico): Think and Create Outside the Box. This is something difficult for me to stay true too sometimes and your blog inspires me to stay strong! Have you ever posted anything on edgy fashion trends for kids? That´d be fun and inspiring...! Thanks for the eye candy! Claudia

  2. I love your blog! Ive got it linked to mine so that I can go check it out all the time!

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  6. Good stuff here. Wishing you an enjoyable holiday season.

  7. I like your collection its pretty good collection. These oufits are so cool, comfortable and good stuff. Thanks for this post.

  8. Really gorgeous designer dresses.. love them..

  9. I would like to give you the "Stylish Blogger Award" for your awesomely stylish blog! :)

    How this award works is that it's passed on from blogger to blogger, so I received the award from someone and I pass on the award to others. Part of this award is to write 7 things about yourself (on your blog post) and pass this award to 15 other recently discovered blogs you think deserves this award too.

    You can see my post and the link for the award here!

    I wish you all the best for 2011

  10. I'm SO in love with that butterfly dress... <3

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