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Past and New Seasons Unite!

Sunday, February 21
Tired of the cold weather, gray days or the lack of winter sun? Yearning for spring and an immediate revamping of your wardrobe? A season Mix & Match can do wonders for your style (not to mention the winter blues). Instead of neglecting those cheerful breezy dresses or spring-colored cardigans, match them to the less energetic, monochromatic winter bunch for an instant renewal of style and spirit. Pair thick textures to lightweight fabrics for comfort, added warmth and interesting layering that will never make an outfit look the same twice.

Be bold - go closet shopping for those perfect items from past seasons that nobody else has right now. Be different - instead of looking like this or that celebrity, avoid fashion clichés and make old become new with your own time-warping choices.

Spring Sweet Wardrobe:
Knit Dress by DURAS; Floral Dress by Cris Barros; Silk-chiffon ruffle-sleeved Top by Catherine Malandrino; Fuzzy Cardigan by Iliann Loeb; Belted Mini Skirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Mix & Matching Seasons: Cozy Overthrow Cardigan by Forever 21; Off Shoulder Ruffle Blouse by 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Winter monochromatic Wardrobe: Black Monster Sleeve Cardigan by Miss Selfridge; Floral Print Cardigan by A|wear; Mono Plosion Jersey Dress by Christopher Kane; Cape by Gareth Pugh; Black High Waist Trouser by Miss Selfridge; Leather Vest by Rick Owens.


  1. I love your blog, you always give me good ideas !!! so.... thank you, thank you and thank you!!!!!!!
    I invite you to visit this website www.mintmelon.com It´s a special spanish fashion brand, I think you'll like it, they send all around the world. It´ll be a great experience for you.

  2. Gracias Lucía, me gustó mucho Mint Melon! Definitivamente la consideraré para un futuro análisis. Es tuya la marca?


  3. I love the spring collections because of the colors. Lately I'm very fond of pastels and florals... maybe it's a mood swing.

  4. There are many options for women during the season, but something in white and light pastel colors seem more exciting and fascinating.


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