The best outfits don't match

Thursday, August 1


To match or not to match? That is the question. The best part of styling an outfit is to decide whether to go matchy matchy or make it work without being obvious. 

In this example, we chose three colors as the base palette: white, nude and burgundy. Then added a few touches of black, salmon and other colors from the printed pants. But since we can't stand an obvious combination, we added a bright yellow cropped top that makes a statement while uniting the rest of the palette. It's simple: the more you try out new styling possibilities, the better your outfits will get.

 Outfitology cheat sheet - Get the look (links open in a new window)
Browse Nude Cardigans, Bib Necklaces, Long Blazers, Colorblock Bags, White Short Dresses, Crop Tops, Floral Pants, Colorblock Heels, Chain Bangles.

Outfit pieces:
Openwork Jacket by Pull & Bear; Short Ombre Sequin Bib Necklace by LOFT; Seamed Ponte Jacket by Oasis; Max Satchel by Vince Camuto; Crinkle Effect Dress by CUTIE; Short sleeveless top by H&M; Floral Print Trousers by Adriana Voloshchuk; Rafferty High Gladiator Sandals by Topshop; Chain Black Wrap Leather Bracelet by LK Designs.

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