The Black & White Dress Trend: Identities and Winner Revealed

Monday, June 16
The winner of the Black & White Dress Trend:

An absolute winner with 76% of the votes! This beautiful dress is by Warehouse and it's a versatile alternative to your common summer dresses. Easily dressed up for a more formal occasion, you will always look elegant and modern in it. A possible disadvantage? The wide horizontal stripes might not be flattering on everyone.

The Black & White Dress Trend runner-up:

This dress by French Connection had only 24% of the votes. An edgier look overall, the real advantage of this dress is that the stripes change direction depending on the dress section. This creates a visual effect that enhances your figure.

New Found Lust's verdict is:

Warehouse Dress (Exhibit B.)- Pros: more elegant, prettier shape;
Cons: less flattering due to wide horizontal stripes.

French Connection Dress (Exhibit A.)- Pros: very flattering due to stripes in different directions and fluid skirt;
: somewhat busy and not appropriate for more formal occasions.

What do you think?

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