Rococco Red: Pantone® Spring Fashion Color 2008

Monday, June 23
A sumptuous berry shade, Pantone®'s Rococco Red is the romantic color of spring and summer. Vibrant enough to brighten your day while staying classy and stylish, this hue is a beautiful way to add interest to any outfit. Present at prints, color blocks and a wide range of materials, Rococco Red is easy to find, wear and love.

Rococco Red
A.-Bow-front Jacket by Chloé; B.-Square Neck Scarf by Wet Seal; C.-Full Mini Skirt by Miu Miu; D.-Vanity Calfskin East/West Frame Bag by Dior; E.-Sunglasses by Topshop; F.-Button Coat by Express; G.-Large Pyramid Stud Belt by Alloy; H.-Night Blossom Sleeveless Top, Marc by Marc Jacobs; I.-Cathay Circle Dress, 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent; J.-Flat Sandals by Jil Sander; K.-Eden Flat by Nine West; L.-Jersey Mini Dress by Development; M.-Summerweight Cashmere Cardigan by J. Crew; N.-Leather Reversible Belt by Mogil; O.-Slim Watch by Lacoste; P.-Tallulah Camisole Dress by Burberry.

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