Who said that having sensible boots is the only way to go in life? Fashion helps make ordinary things more memorable so why not add some punch to your feet especially during the tough winter months? Yes, they might not be the best water repellent boots out there, but they are mood-proof which in our books means feeling better regardless of the weather.

Take a look at my personal favorites from Zara's current sale.


The fact that your grandma would be equally excited to wear these is a good thing. It speaks volumes about your classic taste and the fact that this pair of jacquard ankle boots from Zara will be the talk of the night. A friend of mine wore them recently and apart from getting compliments from the whole table, they passed the dancing test afterwards as they turned out to be actually comfortable.


Wearing this to the office Christmas party would have been definitely too much (or not?) but rocking these silver sequin booties from Zara with your favorite pair of jeans and an extra long coat is perfect to face more ordinary situations with pizzazz.


A vivid green and satin shine makes these satin embroidered booties from Zara the perfect pair for a monochrome outfit: think all black, all white, all navy blue or even red. Show them off with cut-off or wide legged pants or with an extra long dress.



There's at least one thing I have in common with you: I like clothes. Some people might not understand us, but we know that something doesn't have to be expensive to be valuable. When something gets ruined or lost (or doesn't fit anymore), we will care and be sad about it.
This doesn't mean that our whole life revolves around our wardrobe or what we wear (not that there's anything wrong with that), but they represent more than just fabric and shapes. Personally, I can remember what I was wearing when something important happened to me (good or bad) and will make certain choices that go beyond mere fashion that add meaning to the day I'm about to face.

If this sounds familiar to you, then closet shopping will deem important. Upon browsing, "what was I thinking?" moments will come, "glad I still have this" pieces will reappear and above all, a look at your past self (even if it's only a few months difference) will be imminent.
As most objects do, clothes tell a story and unless we are naturalists, they will accompany us throughout our lives.

Sex and the City's Carrie's closet (

The closet shopping mentality is not the same as a simple closet clean-up and its effects are even better:
  1. You will understand why you love something and try to use it again or revive it in some way soon.
  2. You'll be sure why something has to go - it might still look great but if something brings you bad memories, you shouldn't have to keep it.
  3. You'll know yourself better - yes, clothes are part of who we are.
  4. You will develop a fashion style that is truly yours, regardless of the trends - you have been yourself long before this fashion season.
 Now make way and let the closet shopping spree begin.

 More ramblings about our relationship with fashion, here and here. This way for closet inspiration.

Book Clutches are all the rage the last few seasons and some of them don't come cheap. Olympia Le-Tan's Embroidered Book Clutches are handmade (and even recently sported on the red carpet), but we wish they didn't cost so much more than the actual first editions of the books they portray - yet somehow we still love them.

Price rants aside, it's a clever way to revamp the clutch and make it a covetable object that can carry your mobile, keys and another book inside! Another great option are the handmade book clutches made of actual hardcovers and vintage books we found on Etsy.

Here are some of our favorites: 

Which favorite book of yours is statement material?

Browse more clutches we have talked about here

Is fashion as fragile as the heel of this boot? Was this meant to be an honest homage to the great Yves Saint Laurent or a depiction of how fashion can be easily stepped on and broken?
Yves Saint Laurent boot.

Part of what attracts me so much to fashion is the chameleon syndrome it embodies: we are meant to change as much as we like, be as contradictory or traditional as we are and still be "recognized" by our fellow tribe members.

But if fashion is this vulnerable and intentionally made to have an expiration date are we making ourselves brittle too? How can we transcend the temporality and use it to express our own permanent voice? A voice that will not be shut down in a season or two, but that will only get stronger and more focused as we learn, live and grow. It's up to us to define the voice that will bear the frail layers of what is on and around us. After all, it needs to be bold in order to compensate for the uncertainty in both fashion and the world.

Ultimately, this is New Found Lust's main mission: to motivate your own voice to be established, expressed and heard by yourself and others no matter the season or what's trending in your life. We hope one day we make this true for at least one of our readers. 🙏 Thanks for being here.


Fear not, making fashion work at all times in your life is just a matter of picking right. And when doing so, you end up having something that will not only be relevant in a few years' time, but will make you have one less thing to worry about when heading out. Name it what you want, the checkered blazer / plaid jacket / boyfriend coat / grandpa's coolest thing is just right: a piece that will give you enough confidence to face the day while feeling warm inside. This season's quirky touch? A pair of funky boots that will come in handy when you finally decide to conquer space.

H&M Double-breasted blazer. +view
H&M Wide-cut pants. +view
8 Pussy-bow silk-chiffon top. +view
J. Crew Tortoise hoop earrings (acetate). +view
 Jeffrey Campbell Zosia low heel metallic booties. +view
Steve Madden Jasmine clutch. +view

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