Jun 28, 2008

The Waist Cincher

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import:
The Waist Cincher
Make style a cinch...

The Stretchy Leather Belt by Whistles combines design with purpose. Make your waist a feature with an easy-to-wear elasticated chic belt. Don't have much of a waist? This piece will help you create one. Dress up a simple outfit or transform the shape of the pieces in your wardrobe in a cinch.

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Jun 27, 2008

Wardrobe Must Have: The Trim Blazer

A wardrobe must:
Wardrobe Must Have: The Trim Blazer
The trim blazer has become a staple during this season. With both Ralph Lauren and Lacoste making it an it item, the sharp blazer has become a new classic. Primark's Silver Trim Blazer is a beautiful alternative that covers this trend and gives you the sharp look without damaging your wallet. Whether you wear this blazer to work, with skinny jeans or full skirts, it's versatility and chicness is refreshing.

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Jun 26, 2008

Etsy Pick of the Week: Cut-out Earrings

Our Etsy pick of the week:
Etsy Pick of the Week: Cut-out Earrings
The Fields of Butterflies Earrings by ErinT Fashion Accessories are modern, romantic and artistic in one. Make them stand out by pairing them with an understated and simple necklace and you will be accessorized and ready to go.

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Jun 25, 2008

Fall Preview: The Sweater Dress

Fall Preview: The Sweater Dress

Cozy chic for fall...

The Mavis Sweater Dress by Burberry is a perfect example of the transition of belted dresses to colder weather. Knitted materials are used just like fabric and therefore profit from a good cut and construction. Choose classic styles that are wearable both before and during the fall/winter season. Pair it with long boots for added warmth and style!

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Jun 24, 2008

The Shoulder-less Black Dress

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

The Shoulder-less Black Dress
Dress to impress...

The One-Shoulder Dress by Miss Selfridge is the prettiest and most practical alternative to a black strapless dress. Beautifully cut layers add charm and appeal to a subtle but sensual dress shape. Ideal for instant evening style, this piece will be hard to resist as soon as the sun goes down. Make it edgy or delicate by varying the accessories used, the options are virtually endless.

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Jun 23, 2008

Rococco Red: Pantone® Spring Fashion Color 2008

A sumptuous berry shade, Pantone®'s Rococco Red is the romantic color of spring and summer. Vibrant enough to brighten your day while staying classy and stylish, this hue is a beautiful way to add interest to any outfit. Present at prints, color blocks and a wide range of materials, Rococco Red is easy to find, wear and love.

Rococco Red
A.-Bow-front Jacket by Chloé; B.-Square Neck Scarf by Wet Seal; C.-Full Mini Skirt by Miu Miu; D.-Vanity Calfskin East/West Frame Bag by Dior; E.-Sunglasses by Topshop; F.-Button Coat by Express; G.-Large Pyramid Stud Belt by Alloy; H.-Night Blossom Sleeveless Top, Marc by Marc Jacobs; I.-Cathay Circle Dress, 12th Street by Cynthia Vincent; J.-Flat Sandals by Jil Sander; K.-Eden Flat by Nine West; L.-Jersey Mini Dress by Development; M.-Summerweight Cashmere Cardigan by J. Crew; N.-Leather Reversible Belt by Mogil; O.-Slim Watch by Lacoste; P.-Tallulah Camisole Dress by Burberry.

Has this color made it into your wardrobe yet?

Jun 22, 2008

Summer Sale Picks: H&M

Summer Sale Picks: H&M

Basics like a practical brown handbag to run everyday errands with ease and style; a simple, light and versatile magenta dress. Trendier pieces like wide-legged retro pants and a stretchy waist-defining belt. It's time to get your everyday must-haves and give new fashion trends and styles a try at the H&M summer sale!

Jun 21, 2008

The Woven Bangles Trend: Identities and Winner Revealed

The winner of the Woven Bangles Trend:

Woven Bracelets

This bangle by H&M is the winner with 66% of the votes! An intricate design makes this piece interesting and made to stand out especially with monochromatic outfits. A beach must have, this bangle doubles as a bold and chic statement for the city.

The runner-up:

Woven Bracelets

An alternative that won 33% of the votes. This bangle also by H&M offers a natural look made elegant in gold, this is a less overstated piece that will surely remain wearable over time.

New Found Lust's verdict:

H&M Striped Bangle (Exhibit A.)- Pros: criss-cross striped visual effect;
Cons: somewhat busy for more formal occasions.

H&M Golden Bangle (Exhibit B.)- Pros: elegant, easy to wear and coordinate;
Cons: a bit basket-like.

What do you think?

Jun 20, 2008

Summer Romantic

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Summer Romantic
A summer classic...

The Button-up Kaftan by Mango inspires calm and relaxation. This is a versatile summer dress that can double as a tunic when the weather is less inviting. Wear this romantic piece with gladiator sandals for a contrasting touch or complete the pretty look with Mediterranean espadrilles. A beautiful piece that is reminiscent of the beach and utter tranquility.

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Jun 19, 2008

Summer Sale Picks: Forever 21

Fashion will always be unevitably ahead of us and this is the moment when it's most handy: summer clothes are on sale to make room for fall styles! Sales can give you the opportunity to try styles, fits or pieces that you wouldn't usually try without feeling bad about it. Go ahead and experiment, you might find a new favorite style.

The following are New Found Lust's sale picks from Forever 21. Get them while you can:

Forever 21 Summer Sale

The Bubble Sleeve Dress is a must have that covers four of our favorite fashion trends: a black mini dress with ruffles, a flattering volume silhouette and inset pockets. The Ashley Pumps combine heels and lace-ups in a feminine and versatile way. If you have been wanting to give vintage inspired lace-ups a try, this is your chance to wear them for an incredibly low price.

Jun 18, 2008

The No Hassle Glamour Heels

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:
The easiest party shoes...

The Faux Python Heels by H&M are chic, fun and 100% party ready. Give shine to your outfit and glitz to your dancing feet without the pain. The heel is high enough for stature but comfortable and totally worthwhile. Easily coordinated with your favorite going out pieces since their main purpose is to stand out. Make the exotic skin trend yours while being animal-friendly and full of energy in these heels.

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Jun 17, 2008

Dear New Found Lust: I got a new job! What should I wear to make a good impression?

Dear New Found Lust,

I just got a new job! I'm very excited and I start next week but I've realized my wardrobe is not very corporate. When I went to the offices I didn't see a specific dress code but I want to look professional without standing out too much. So I guess I need to go shopping! What should I get to survive the first weeks? I've got a small budget. And what about shoes? I barely can stand in high heels!


Starting a new job is always exciting and scary at the same time and the clothes we wear to work should help us feel confident from the start. It's hard to know how casual or formal your collegues will be and what the company dress code is like (if any) until you are actually working there. It's very easy to go overboard when going shopping with a new job, but be careful and only buy ahead what you really need until you test the waters and define how you should dress once you have started. Otherwise you'll end up buying tons of clothes that will be of little use for the day to day. Here are some essentials you should consider and look for in your wardrobe as well. It's easy when you relate all the pieces to two basic color coordinating bases: black and beige.

Job Attire

A.-Tailored Jacket by Stella McCartney; B.-Black Strip Tie-Neck Top by Old Navy; C.-Fine Stripe Jacket by Warehouse; D.-Classic Button-Front Shirt by Old Navy; E.-Silk Tie Neck Blouse by Nina Ricci; F.-Loren Patent Pumps by Jimmy Choo; G.-Laura Straight Leg Pants by K Karl Lagerfeld; H.-Wedges by Topshop; I.-Bubble Sleeve Belted Top by Wet Seal; J.-Carlene Pumps by Pink Studio; K.-Myahh Wide Leg Pants by Tory Burch; L.-Chain Detail Flats by Topshop.

Black base coordinating pieces:
  • Gray or black tailored pants - preferably with a straight to wide leg and with no visible back pockets (which make them instantly casual) - perfect for coordinating your white, black and colored tops.
  • Tailored jacket that goes well with the black or gray pants plus white, black and colored tops.
  • White or colored tailored shirt
  • Black shoes - opt for a kitten heel especially the first few days while you get used to walking on taller heels. You will feel comfortable, add the "click-clack" when walking about the office and look put together without suffering impossible high heels. Also consider wearing office-appropriate flats, the designs available are endless.
  • Black or gray handbag
  • Black belt

Beige base coordinating pieces:
  • Beige or khaki pants - perfect for your navy, brown and white tops
  • Tailored jacket - to go with your beige or khaki pants, navy, brown and white tops
  • Light blue shirt
  • Brown, camel or navy shoes - the same kitten heel or flat principle can apply.
  • Brown, camel or navy handbag
  • Brown belt

  • Simple day to day tops- preferably with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves which make them dressier.
  • Pencil skirt in black, gray, brown, camel or navy

Take a look in your wardrobe and you'll probably have some pieces already, don't rely on shopping only to create your outfits especially when you haven't received your first pay check! With these basics you will survive the first weeks while you adjust your outfits to a more casual or formal environment. Don't forget to ask a collegue what the usual dress code for Friday is...not every company has a casual Friday or sometimes it might even involve jeans and sneakers. Think about jewelry and makeup as well - less is more until you know what is commonly "approved of".

The most important thing of all is to wear a friendly smile and have a positive mindset at your new workplace - you can look a million dollars but a bad attitude ruins any first impression.

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Jun 16, 2008

The Black & White Dress Trend: Identities and Winner Revealed

The winner of the Black & White Dress Trend:

An absolute winner with 76% of the votes! This beautiful dress is by Warehouse and it's a versatile alternative to your common summer dresses. Easily dressed up for a more formal occasion, you will always look elegant and modern in it. A possible disadvantage? The wide horizontal stripes might not be flattering on everyone.

The Black & White Dress Trend runner-up:

This dress by French Connection had only 24% of the votes. An edgier look overall, the real advantage of this dress is that the stripes change direction depending on the dress section. This creates a visual effect that enhances your figure.

New Found Lust's verdict is:

Warehouse Dress (Exhibit B.)- Pros: more elegant, prettier shape;
Cons: less flattering due to wide horizontal stripes.

French Connection Dress (Exhibit A.)- Pros: very flattering due to stripes in different directions and fluid skirt;
: somewhat busy and not appropriate for more formal occasions.

What do you think?

Jun 15, 2008

Wardrobe Must Have: The Black Leather Skirt

A wardrobe must:

Wardrobe Must Have: Black Leather Skirt

The black leather skirt is a garment that doesn't go out of style. Choose a classic cut and it will remain perfectly current as the years go by. A symbol that portrays strength and boldness, it's a versatile piece that can range from office appropriate to cocktail party to rocking it out. The leather pencil skirt from Moschino Cheap & Chic is one that accomplishes this and more.

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Jun 14, 2008

Spring Crocus: Pantone® Spring Fashion Color 2008

A flowery shade of purple, the Spring Crocus color defined by Pantone® is as fresh and pretty as spring. With deep pink undertones, this hue is lively and versatile, fun and radiant. Found in flower prints and plaid designs, this color also works well on its own or with paler and neutral shades. Live the rest of the spring-summer season with a bright spirit.

Spring Crocus
A.-Short Sleeve Belted Cardigan by Hamish Morrow; B.-Madras Dindrl Skirt by Built by Wendy; C.-Lurex Stripe Mini Dress by Shay Todd; D.-5-Pocket Color Skinny Jean by Wet Seal; E.-La Mer Ombre Watch by Urban Outfitters; F.-Tarrytown Quinn Handheld Tote by Kate Spade; G.-Flower Anywhere Clip by Tarina Tarantino; H.-Tatiana Dress by Monsoon; I.-Wedge Sandals by La Redoute; J.-Metallic Ballet Flats by Kate Spade; K.-Patchwork Clutch by Dolce & Gabbana.

Has this color made it into your wardrobe yet?

Jun 13, 2008

Pick your favorite: The Woven Bangles Trend

Woven Bracelets

Exhibit A.

Woven Bracelets

Exhibit B.

Woven bangles are all the rage now and there are many designs available. With an earthy style, these bracelets are perfect to complement your summer outfits and beachwear. Mix and match them...wear more than one for boldness!

Which one do you like best? Pick your favorite! Their identities will be revealed on a later post...

Jun 12, 2008

The Cool Retro Flair

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Retro Flair

Citizens of Humanity Faye Wide Leg Jean
{Click to purchase}

Achieve the long-legged look instantly...

The Faye Flared Jeans by Citizens of Humanity merge the classic retro look with 21st century style. An easy to wear flared leg and a modern dark wash make this pair of jeans a must. The detail that provides added retro? The mid-leg creases that accentuate the flares. By pairing them with a medium to high heel, your legs will become miles long. Remember, a good pair of well-fitting jeans provides style and comfort in one.

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Jun 11, 2008

The Ruffle Trend without the Overstatement

Ruffles are everywhere this season, but is there a way to wear ruffles without looking like some sort of piñata? There are some fashion pieces that have chosen to portray ruffles in a pretty but understated way, like the picks shown by Susana Monaco and McQ Alexander McQueen. By restraining the ruffles to one part of the garment where it makes sense to have them, you will be able to avoid the ballroom dancing look.

McQ - Alexander McQueen Ruffle Collar Blouse
B.- Ruffle Collar Blouse by McQ Alexander McQueen

The ruffle trend when worn well will give you a romantic touch that is perfect for summer. Just remember to avoid all-over ruffles and wear simple coordinating pieces to balance the outfit.

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Jun 9, 2008

Pick your favorite: The Black & White Dress Trend

Exhibit A...............................................Exhibit B.

The black and white trend has been present for a while now, it is very interesting how each season it's somehow reinterpreted. These two striped dresses have a style of their own and respond as well to the graphic and nautical trend perfectly.

Which one do you like best and find easier to wear? Pick your favorite! Their identities will be revealed on a later post...

Travel Heaven

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Travel Heaven
Chic and easy travelling...

The Oversized Tote by H&M will become every traveler's best friend. This piece is large enough to carry a short trip's travel items but small enough to be allowed as carry-on luggage on the airplane. A beautiful navy blue makes it perfect to spot it in a sea of luggage.
Look chic and reduce travel stress in one!

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Classic Summer Plaid Dress

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Classic Summer Plaid Dress
Classic with a feminine touch...

Summer pieces are everywhere in stores now, but to find the true garment that will remain valuable at the end of the season is not easy. The Checked Maxi Dress by French Connection is a unique piece that you won't be able to wait to wear again once the season is over. A heaven to coordinate, the few accessories you choose will determine the overall feel of the piece. Classic ones will give you a timeless elegant look while bold and modern ones will create a post-punk era effect. There's no end to this dress' versatility.

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Jun 8, 2008

Golden Olive: Pantone® Spring Fashion Color 2008

A color inspired by nature and the great outdoors, Golden Olive is part of the Pantone® 's Fashion Color Report for Spring 2008. Somewhere between yellow and green with a dash of tan, Golden Olive is a great trans-seasonal color that will easily cruise down the fall season without major adjustments. Naturally associated with the safari trend and certain hues of it with the bold brights trend, this color remains unique. As shown below, the variety of fashion pieces in this color is surprising.

Golden Olive

A.-Silk Jacquard Dress by Derek Lam; B.-Rina Gathered Dress by Forever 21; C.-Lambskin Frame Bag by Christian Dior; D.-Short Sleeved Jacket by Topshop; E.-Tetra Green Leather Shoes by Steve Madden; F.-Jackie Cardigan by J. Crew; G.-Chuck Taylor All-Star Hi Top Sneakers by Converse; H.-Statement Ring by Target.


This color report was defined much before fashion collections hit the stores this spring. Now that we are living the Spring 2008 season, did this color actually make it into your wardrobe?

Jun 6, 2008

Pretty Summer Scarf

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Pretty Summer Scarf
Classic and perfect for summer...

The Butterfly Printed Scarf by Next is an easy way to accesorize your summer outfits. Completely black and white with a butterfly pattern, you will be able to coordinate this scarf instantly. Versatile and classic in its own right, this is a must that will be relevant for many years to come. Around your neck, as a headband, belt or jewelry piece, this scarf will always be stunning. Be creative and tie it 101 ways to find a new look every time.

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Jun 5, 2008

The Futuristic Beaded Clutch

A dash of futurism...

The Capri Pearly Beaded Clutch by Accesorize is delicately beaded with an interesting modern design. Mixing futurism with a classically conceived beaded clutch, this piece is for you to interpret and adapt to your own taste and vision. Colorwise, this piece is perfect for your day activities, but this clutch can also stand out during the night with a contrasting dark-colored outfit. An accessory that becomes unique once paired with your wardrobe.

For more on adapting pieces to your own style, click here.

Jun 4, 2008

The Versatile Mini

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:
The Versatile Mini
Classic and fun at the same time...

The Gathered Indigo Skirt by Forever 21 is a fresh alternative to casual summer pieces. Classically elegant but easily coordinated, this skirt will be a favorite during the warm seasons. Remove the sash, wear flats or sandals and a simple T-shirt for day-to-day activities; make it chic by pairing it to high heels and a partially-sequined top; transform it into office appropriate with a tucked-in blouse. A mini has never been this versatile!

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Jun 3, 2008

The Modern Cocktail Dress

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

The Modern Cocktail Dress

A modern cocktail look...

The Draped Tank Dress by McQ Alexander McQueen becomes a statement by just putting it on. Formed by a modern silhouette and fabric, this dress might well be the cocktail dress of the 21st century. Accentuating the waist with a deliberately careless black belt and draping open at the start of the hips, this dress was made to be flattering on most women. Grab a clutch and a pair of pumps and you are ready to go!

For more about the versatility of the color gray, click here.

Jun 2, 2008

The New 70s Look

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

The New 70s Look

Calm and collected retro...

The Patch Pocket Wide Jean by Warehouse is an easy way to incorporate the 70s trend into your wardrobe while staying practical. The slight high-waist and the straight cut that originates from the top and then becomes wide is very flattering. Match them to flowery or printed tucked-in blouses and you are ready to go! Wear wedge or platform espadrilles for a super long-legged look.

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Yves Saint Laurent (1936 - 2008): A Legend in Women's History

(AP Photo)
Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most influential designers of the fashion world, has sadly passed away today at the age of 71 leaving behind a milestone in women's history. He was a leader from his early days at the house of Dior where he was part of the revolutionary movement that rethought fashion outside couture.

More importantly, he was mainly responsible for adapting trousers for women to wear and other garments that were originally exclusive of the male wardrobe: blazers, overcoats and raincoats. These pieces were especially relevant for the executive woman that was emerging in the 1970s. At the same time, he created beautiful dresses which highlighted the unique female essence that is often forgotten in the modern world.

As Saint Laurent's business partner Pierre Berge said: "Chanel gave women freedom" in the first half of the 20th century, while in the second half, Saint Laurent "gave them power".

"Fashion was not only supposed to make women beautiful, but to reassure them, to give them confidence, to allow them to come to terms with themselves." - Yves Saint Laurent

Jun 1, 2008

The Summer Beach Clutch

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

The Summer Beach Clutch
Sit back and relax while drinking piña colada...

The Playa de Betsey Clutch from Betseyville by Betsey Johnson is a fun way to be out in the sun. Perfectly spacious for all your coveted bag contents, you can trade the old boring beach bag for this summer hit. A fusion of traditional Mexican embroidery, Indian embellishments and modern metallic stud details, this clutch will be the definite center of attention.

For maximum impact, mix it with the tribal trend.