Jul 29, 2008

Wardrobe Must Have: The Retro Watch

A wardrobe must:
The Retro Watch
A symbol of retro cool...

The Mini Digital Watch by Casio is so charmingly retro and nerdily sophisticated that is a definite must-have timepiece. Add it to elegant outfits for an unexpected touch or complete the preppy look with vintage vests or pencil skirts. Its golden shine makes it perfect for night events as well as being appropriate for the daily office regime. Originally sporty, there is more than meets the eye than just a practical vintage watch.

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Jul 28, 2008

Croissant: Pantone® Spring Fashion Color 2008

A delicious shade with calm and pinkish undertones, Pantone®'s Croissant is a lovely base that goes well with every summer color under the sun. Rich and vintage-like and definitely more interesting than plain beige, the final results are elegant pieces that fit a variety of styles.


A.-Linen Bow Satchel by Express; B.-Bow Headband by Forever 21; C.-Leather Ankle Boots by Chloé; D.-Tana Striped Dress by Mayle; E.-Ruched Clutch by Prada; F.-Foil Linen Jacket by Wet Seal; G.-Skinny Jodhpur by Topshop; H.-Wooden Buckle Elastic Belt by Topshop; I.-Balloon Sleeve Dress by Vanessa Bruno; J.-Contrast Envelope Bag by New Look; K.-Wave Knit Jacket by Missoni; L.-Stripe Trim Jacket by Wet Seal.

New Found Lust's Online Shopping Guide: Find the stores that stock

Has this color made it into your wardrobe yet?

Jul 26, 2008

Etsy Pick of the Week: Triple Metal Disc Necklace

Our Etsy pick of the week:

Triple Metal Disc Necklace

Instant triple style...

The Triple Metal Necklace by 2 Belles and a Bead is a fun and modern jewelry piece that will create interest in any outfit. Both belonging to the tribal, metallic and geometric/graphic trends, this necklace is definitely a style hit. Mix it up with simple metal bangles to complete the look.

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Jul 24, 2008

The Return of the Loafer: more than a comfortable shoe

The Ret

A welcome return to our everyday lives...

The Bilbao Loafers by Tod's are timeless plus comfortable, versatile and stylish. What more can be asked of our daily shoes? The loafer and its variations are back in style and rightly so. Succeeding the massively popular ballerina shoe is not an easy task but it has now become the clear winner in the world of flat shoes. Overcoming the femininity of ballerina shoes, the loafer can be incorporated to a wide range of settings, from offices to a casual day in the park. Create contrast and interest by throwing in contradictory florals or pastels for stellar style.

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Jul 22, 2008

Going round from season to season

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Going round from season to season
A necklace fit for any season, this is an excellent choice for transeasonal outfits and beyond. The Multi Disc and Charm Necklace by Whistles is bold and modern in a fun and versatile way. Make it casual with summer dresses or dress it up with classic blouses.

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Jul 18, 2008

Wardrobe Must Have: The Little Pocketed Dress

The Little Pocketed Dress

The little black dress with a convenient twist...

The Pocket Front Shift Dress by Zara represents the wonderful concept of the pocketed non-casual dress. As practical as can be, this slight and sometimes barely noticed addition makes any dress modern and edgier in an instant. This is a great example of how fashion design can make a statement while remaining user-centered at the same time. A little black dress to be worn with pride while tucking in your hands (or stashing a few essentials) in style.

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Jul 16, 2008

The Comfort Clutch

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import:
The Comfort Clutch
Comfortable to have and to hold...

The Patchwork Clutch Purse by H&M is a practical and stylish alternative to the usual handbag for your everyday activities. A leather patchwork pattern gives it a vintage 70s vibe that is always outfit renewing.

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Jul 14, 2008

Pre-fall must have: The Twisted Top

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:
The Twisted Wrap Top
Wrap chic around you...

The Twisted Front Wrap Top by Warehouse is an excellent example of pre-fall fashion working for you. Lightly knitted, this stylish and unique piece is perfect for summer, fall and the transition from one to the other. A naturally flattering wrap, the twist detail makes it one of a kind while never going out of fashion. Wear inner and longer layers to create an interesting look every time or combine it with skinny pants for a contrasting effect. This piece will surely become one of the year's favorites and become an instant classic.

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Jul 13, 2008

Summer Sale Picks: Mytheresa.com

Get them now or repent forever...The current summer sale at Mytheresa.com is a great opportunity to get the most coveted designer items at great prices. Most of the pieces below are 50% off! Chic, sleek and classic, our picks will make any outfit an instant hit and you can be sure that you will wear them again and again as seasons go by.

Summer Sale Picks: Mytheresa.com

1st column: Classic Bathing Suit by Chloé Mare; Printed Cotton Tunic by Liberty of London; Metallic Thong Sandals by K. Jacques St. Tropez.
2nd column: Eyelet Dress by Gold Hawk; Metallic Belt by Miu Miu; Mondrian Patchwork Mini Skirt by Diane von Furstenberg.
3rd column: Jonas Dress by Velvet; Majorelle Bag by Yves Saint Laurent.

Jul 12, 2008

Etsy Pick of the Week: The Upside Down Earrings

Our Etsy pick of the week:

The Upside Down Earrings

An original and unexpected pair of earrings that can make any outfit pop. The Upside Down earrings are irresistible by creating a modern but elegant style. Give an interesting twist to your too-known outfits and make them new again. Find more unique jewelry designs at jaC Jewelry's Etsy shop.

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Jul 11, 2008

The Black and White Block Dress Trend: Identities and Winner Revealed

It's a tie!

After days of votes from our readers, the results are in and it's a tie. Our first exhibit is the Monochrome Jersey Dress by H&M, made of a fabric meant for the day-to-day and with a simple, easy-to-wear design. The second exhibit is the Daily Slip Dress by Day Birger et Mikkelsen with a more dressier style.

Regardless of how casual or formal they are, the most important difference is where their color block division is located. In the first example, the black block begins just below the chest while the second one starts at the waist. The end result can be very different since this line is where the focus will be put on. Therefore, it's recommended that this color division is located where your narrowest part of the body is.

New Found Lust's verdict:

H&M Monochrome Jersey Dress
(Exhibit A.) - Best for casual outings, recommended when the ribcage is narrower than the waist.

Day Birger et Mikkelsen Daily Slip Dress (Exhibit B.) - Made for dressier occasions, it's most recommended when the waist is narrower than the ribcage.

What do
you think?

Jul 10, 2008

Pre-Fall Collections: The smooth transition from warm to cold

You might have noticed that alongside the summer sales there is a "New Collection" section at the stores. It varies from brand to brand but these pieces tend to belong to the Pre-Fall Collection. Presented as early as the start of the current year at runway shows, they might be related to the coming fall trends, but are made of lighter fabrics that make them a perfect transeasonal choice. Colorwise, they are relevant for both seasons so you can be sure that they will match either seasonal pieces.

Pre-fall fashion pieces can even stay throughout the fall season in cities or countries where weather is not as stark and predictable. Even if part of a designer's collection include very warm pieces and materials, it will not necessarily reach every selling point. Product management enters at this point to determine which pieces do well according to the context and selling performance of each location in the world and even each local store.

Pre-Fall Collections
Pre-fall 2008 Missoni runway outfit.
Photo courtesy of Missoni.

The new season between seasons concept might be part of the industry's selling strategy, but is surely convenient and practical for the buyers. It can guarantee more use of purchased garments since it can be adapted to a variety of weather conditions. Moreover, considering the current climate changes and general unpredictability of them around the world, these seasons in between seasons are easy for all of us to take in.

Jul 8, 2008

Fall Preview: The Silk Blouse

Fall Preview: The Silk Blouse
A renewed classic...

Silk blouses are staples of elegance. From time to time, they are reinvented and eloquently made current for a specific season. Miu Miu's Silk Blouse with Ruching is an example of how incorporating current elements to a classic design result in something refreshing. The satin finish, the rich purple shade, the ruching, the short sleeves and the slightly masculine collar and tie effect all contribute to it being new in design but classic in spirit.

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Jul 7, 2008

Wardrobe Must Have: The Beaded Handbag

A wardrobe must:

The Ultimate Beaded Handbag

Exquisite bead by bead...

A meticulously beaded handbag does not belong to a particular style or season. It represents an art form and story in itself. The Beaded Bucket Bag by Stella McCartney is an example of how fashion can create a piece of art that in the end, transcends it. Bead by bead, the artisan's voice is heard through completion. Choose one that has meaning to you and it will become a cherished piece you can pass on.

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Jul 6, 2008

Pink Mist: Pantone® Spring Fashion Color 2008

Presenting Pantone®'s Pink Mist, the subtle and feminine shade of the season. Based on both pink and lilac with notorious undertones of blue, the result is cooling and refreshing. Coordinate it easily with the rest of summer's colors, brights, bolds or neutrals depending on your day's mood. The non-citrus quality of this hue makes it a viable transeasonal option so just add layers to transform it into fall material.

Pink Mist
[Click to enlarge]

A.-Oversized T-Shirt by Maison Martin Margiela; B.-Knot Slingback Heel by Rachel Comey; C.-Wide Floral-Print Scarf by Gap; D.-Roll-up Camp Shirt by Old Navy; E.-Mirror Bangle by Roberto Cavalli; F.-Bandani Print Flared Skirt by Monsoon Accessorize; G.-Oversized Cashmere Poncho by Michael Kors; H.-Star Brooch by Yves Saint Laurent; I.-Serpent Bracelet Clutch by Roberto Cavalli; J.-Polka Dot Slip-On by Vans.
Has this color made it into your wardrobe yet?

Jul 5, 2008

The Denim Shirt Dress

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:

Denim Shirt Dress
Style that slips on...

The Dawn Shirtdress by dELiAs is an on point example of the denim shirt dress. Beautifully vintage-inspired, this faded piece combines a modern shaped dress with details from yore. Coordinate it with metallic accessories for a twist or maintain the romantic feel with floral or pastel colored garments and accessories. Add a long cardigan for the ultimate cozy and chic feel.

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Jul 3, 2008

Etsy Pick of the Week: Vintage Polka Dot Dress

Our Etsy pick of the week:

Etsy Pick of the Week

A vintage polka dot dress that remains current with the right accessories. A dress that relates to the polka dot, nautical and eighties trends. Easy to wear, you can dress it up or down according to the occasion. Take a look at Thirteen Leaf Clover's Etsy shop for more great vintage finds.

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Jul 2, 2008

Pick your favorite: Black and White Block Dress

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Blocks of color can be found in a variety of garments. They create visual effects and can section your body in a way that is not achievable with seams only. What happens when these blocks are composed of black and white which is probably the most natural combination of all? White usually attracts the most attention and therefore these two dresses instantly draw the eye up. Their concept and design is similar but the final results are quite different.

Brands and prices aside, which piece is your favorite and why? Pick one, their identities will be revealed on a later post...

Jul 1, 2008

The All-in-One Sandal

Presenting New Found Lust's wardrobe import for today:
The All-in-One Sandal
The Bangalez Metallic Sandals by Steve Madden have a well-rounded design that relates to various current trends. This is a gladiator sandal that mixes with the tribal and studded trend while remaining unique and elegant. The criss-cross straps unite the different stones and studs and makes them stand out among all the gladiator looks out there. Make the most out of the summer season and stride in style!

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